Before You Hire A Limousine Service READ This:
“How to Choose a Limousine Service”
by: Lawrence Carmon

Limousine Service

When planning an event that is going to include transportation, you want to make certain that all details are not just ‘handled’ but done to perfection. One simple mistake can create drama and panic at the last minute. These are stresses that can ruin a celebration.

Having a limousine for a major event adds class and should be a relief. The bigger issue is that in some cases, people forget to book the transportation until the last minute. Don’t make your car choice an afterthought! Choose a reputable company with a history of making people happy and avoid potential problems that can ruin your special occasion.

If you have ever been to an event that included a limousine ride, then you can attest to the fact that the ride is often the highlight of the event. Don’t forgo the car service in order to save money. Honestly, for the price you pay, the memories are priceless.

Larry’s Limos has been handling your needs since 1996. We’ve made countless events successful and made many wonderful memories along the way. Let Larry’s Limos do the same thing for you and your friend(s). Not only will you be guaranteed a great time, but you will also be sure not to worry about anything transportation related or having a hassle or nightmare with transportation happen at your event. Larry will guarantee this himself.

Here are some really great tips from Larry:

1) Don’t make the assumption that all limo services are the same. They do not all offer the same services or handle the same types of events. This is why you should book well ahead of time. Let them know what the event will be and make sure they understand what your needs will be.

2) Don’t hire the company that is always the cheapest. Sometimes the cheapest price is not a guarantee of service. Price should never be the total deciding factor when choosing the limousine service for your event. You don’t want bad service, no one does. Make sure that the company you are hiring as good references, which brings us to the next point.

3) Check references and do some research. Are they licensed and insured? This is very important because some of the smaller companies may be under insured and you do not want to find out, after the fact, that they don’t have insurance to cover something that happens while you or your friends are in the car. A reputable company should have no problem providing you with documents to prove licensing and insurance before you book with them.

4) They should also be able to provide you with some references. There is nothing wrong asking for references and they should not be bothered that you ask for them. Testimony from pleased customers is the absolute best positive that you can have when seeking to hire.

5) Lastly, don’t be afraid to ask what sort of guarantees they offer. Most limousine companies don’t offer any sort of guarantee like Larry’s Limo does. Get your guarantees in writing. If they won’t do that, don’t book with them.