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There are various ways to get from one place to another and for many that means driving. That alone can be taxing and also not fun if the place one is heading off to is for a special event, occasion or treat. This is where Larry’s professional limo services in Birmingham, AL top the list of preferred and pampered ways to get around.

There are many ways one can use limo services and some may be not as common as others and this makes them extra special. Limo services for weddings in Alabama are one of the more traditional ways for a wedding party to get to the ceremony and then whisked off to the reception. Though typically reserved for the bride and groom, adding extra limos for the rest of the bridal party and family makes the entire event even more magical and memorable for everyone.

Stretch Limousines

Stretch Limo

$85 per hour plus gratuity. Minimum of two hours required. Airport service available; call for pricing.

Premium Sedans

Premium Sedan

Hyundai Genesis Sedan at $100 per hour plus gratuity with a minimum of two hours.

Luxury Sedans

Luxury Sedan

Luxury Sedan service for up to three people at $55 per hour plus gratuity with a two hour minimum. Airport service available; call for pricing.

Chauffeurs gratuity not included in rate.



Service for twelve to fourteen passengers at $70 per hour plus gratuity with a three hour minimum required. Chauffeurs gratuity not included in rate.

Custom Services

Call For Information And Pricing

(205) 629-6642



Ten passenger limo with rates at $100 an hour plus gratuity with a three hour minimum. Chauffeurs gratuity not included in rate.

Limousine Services

Limo services are also a great choice for a night out and about on the town. This alleviates the need for one person to be the driver of the group and thus everyone can sit back, ride in style and have fun all night long. This works wonders as limo services can be hired for simple drop off and pick up (minimums required) or they can be used all evening long and give people a chance to hop from place to place in one of those eye catching limos that are available.

There are even other ways limo services that can be used and each one makes that event just more special as there are not many people who do not enjoy being picked up in a limo, driven around and all the while allowed to sit and simply relax. Unwind and take in the fun of the ride itself. This is why many choose limo services for things such as executive transportation as important executives tend to prefer travel in top notch style. In fact, even a surprise limo that shows up to whisk a loved one, friends or family to dinner or the theater is another great way to use limo services in a surprising manner. Dinners out, lunches with friends, shopping trips, proms, weddings, funerals and every other place one could ever go is just made more special when limo services are utilized in place of standard vehicles and driving ones self.

The ways a limo can be used seem almost endless and that is because when Larry’s Limo services are used it makes travel to anywhere all the more relaxing and that is how one starts off a special day or even vacation on the right foot. The fact that no one has to drive, worry about parking or even fight traffic makes limo services the ideal option for those who know that some of the finer things in life really are quite enjoyable and special. From transportation to and from airports to nights out and about; Larry’s Limo services simply make any ride something truly unique and that ability to sit back and enjoy the ride itself is something everyone appreciates.

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